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Founded in 2009 by Jennifer Grace, Pole Evolution Dance Company™ was born from the desire to place pole dancing in a non-competitive, artistic arena.

Sydney based, Pole Evolution Dance Company is the performing arts extension of its sister company Studio Verve Dance Fitness. Offering performance and company experience to talented and passionate semi-professional pole dancers from all around Australia, Pole Evolution’s™ distinctive style is a fusion of pole dance, classical ballet, modern dance and gymnastics.

In contrast to competitive pole dancing, the company challenges its dancers to experiment with all forms of movement not just “pole tricks” to create unique “pole art style” work. We also seek to explore ideas, feelings and topics through the modality of dance which is then developed and brought to the stage in our annual pole show.

This avant-garde approach has earned the company an enviable reputation for producing work that is exciting, athletic inspirational and fun. Pole Evolution™ Dance Company seeks to redefine what society perceives to be ‘pole dancing’ through dynamic dance and entertainment experiences.