Following an audition process, Ashley, Paula (back row L to R), Catherine, Prue and Joanne (front row L to R) have been selected to form part of the exhilarating newly formed group, unleaSHEd. Choreographed by Alana Greig, unleaSHEd will open UNBOUND in a piece about being wild and free.

Paula began pole on a whim and fell in love with it in her first lesson. She has now been pole-ing for 1.5 years and is really motivated by the grace, fitness and flexibility of pole dancers. Besides pole, Paula also enjoys dance, with experience in ballet, contemporary and hip hop dance. She is also a classical pianist and currently studying at the Conservatorium of Music. Paula aspires to be fitter and to have a stronger pain tolerance so she can perfect more pole tricks! She’d also love to perform on more pole dance stages in future.

Prue has been dancing for as long as she could walk, and grew up training and competing in tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop dance styles. Choosing to focus on her university studies, Prue took some time off from dance but found that she was looking for a new challenge to fill the void. 2 years ago she joined a pole class on a whim and quickly fell in love with the new challenging dance style, in particular the mix of flexibility and strength that pole demanded. When she’s not upside down on a pole, Prue is pursuing her other great passion, rock climbing. Prue’s pole goals are to improve her flexibility and take on more opportunities to perform pole on stage.

Joanne has always loved performing. She participated in Rock Eisteddfod 4 years in a row during her high school years and took hip hop/RNB dance lessons for 3 years during university. She has been a part of many different performances and loved every moment on stage. Joanne took a liking to pole dancing many years ago, admiring the elegance and strength pole dancers displayed. About 2 and a half years ago, she finally mustered the courage to join pole dancing with a few friends and had fallen in love with it ever since. Joanne aspires to get stronger and more flexible so she can be able to perform a larger variety of tricks on the pole.

Ashley has been frequenting the pole scene for a little over a year now, and she firmly believes she is the fittest she has even been. Having dabbled in dance culture such as hip hop and street jazz, as well as martial arts such as Taekwondo in the past, Ashley sought pole fitness as a means of getting her fitness back after years of neglect and hiatus. Since then, Ashley has gained her fitness back, and attributes pole dancing to her lithe body and strength. Ashley believes she’s always had the flexibility of a solid oak tree. With pole fitness, she is hoping to improve this flexibility and to gain more strength. Being able to participate and be part of the fun of upcoming pole dance shows is also an aspiration of hers.

Catherine has been pole dancing for over 2 years, and was inspired to join when she saw how artistically beautiful the dance style was. Every aspect of pole dancing, including the elegance, strength and flexibility amazed her. It was a form of art that never failed to impress anyone. Having no dance background and flexibility, Catherine joined pole dancing as a way to relax from work while improving her fitness levels. She aspires to become stronger and more flexible, in hope to be able to participate in more upcoming pole performances.

A note from the Choreographer: ‘I wanted to make a dance that was exuberant, strong and different. When I think of UNBOUND, I think of an animalistic nature and I wanted to explore that. These ladies were great to work with and I am extremely proud of how hard they have trained and rehearsed to make a mesmerising performance.”