Gracie Buntine

Gracie Buntine

International pole champion, 2 time national pole champion and 2 time state pole champion Gracie Buntine is a true dancer and has been involved in the dance industry for over 10 years on numerous levels.

After gaining Diplomas in Dance Technique and Performance Gracie travelled nationally and internationally as a dancer and choreographer.

Gracie is known for her technique, performance and intention as a pole dancer and has won the following titles:


 2012 Australian Pole Fitness Champion

 2013 Professional Victorian Pole Champion

 2013/14 1st runner up in Miss Pole Dance Victoria

 Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion 2014/15

 2013/14 1st runner up Miss Pole Dance Australia

 Miss Ink Victoria 2013

 Aerial All Stars Champion 2014

 1st runner up Aerial All Star 2015

2nd runner up Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015/16


Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific Champion 2015/16

Gracie has been a featured pole performer all over the globe and is proudly sponsored by X-Pole, RAWRRR Nutrition, Bling It Heels and Pole Physics.

Gracie has had features in documentaries, magazines, chat shows, music videos and tv shows. Gracie has become a globally well known and respected performer and instructor within the pole industry after only a short time.